We Can Be Weird Like That...

"When you lose sight of who you are, you begin to copy someone else."

I do get comments such as 'Funmi, you're too big' or 'Funmi, you smile a lot' or 'You this girl, what's your problem sef? You need to have more sense' (Yeah, it got that bad)...

I love making people happy even if it means goofing around a bit and I do love to feel acknowledged. While growing up, getting such comments would just make me weak! It could hit me so badly that I'd just creep back into my shell. I'd feel bad, dejected or not good enough...

So very much I wanted to become like anyone else (if not everyone else) that I began to hate myself. Low self-esteem kicked in really hard. I  remember once, for about a month, I wouldn't even look at myself in the mirror because I didn't like myself.

          Now, however, I've begun to love myself because I found out that God made me to be the best I can be and He loves me just as I am. He doesn't need anything more or less of me.

I began to see myself just as God sees me and through His Word (Psalm 139:14). I can change my weight and treat all the pimples on my face if I wanted to but that doesn't affect His love for me. I find love in Him because He is the true source of love... So I love me too!

Appreciate your peculiarity and love yourself, then you'll just be yourself naturally! You're unique and loved. Take good care of yourself; look good, feel good! It's only when you love that man/woman in the mirror that you can truly love and appreciate others, not envying them.

Another sure way of boosting your self-confidence is contentment. Being content and okay with who you are and what you have while building yourself to be who you want to be in life. It wipes away thoughts of stealing, lying, envy, worry and sooo much more (1 Timothy 6:6).

So when I'm happy and just being myself and people look at me with 'one kin eye' I just be like... yes, I know, I can be weird like that! ; p



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