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Choose To Be The Better Person

Most times we expect some courtesy from the other person when we’re walking on the streets or down the stairs or some certain things from someone. We also tend to get our hopes up when expecting things from people. It’s not like it’s a bad thing because we all have our expectations. And we also expect people to behave responsibly as adults or in a certain way, don’t we?

In choosing to be the better person, you’ve got to take away those expectations and ‘place’ them on yourself. Sometimes you've got to stop expecting so much from people. When you eagerly expect plan A to work without a plan B, you’re going to be really disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

Same as with people… Other People = Plan A.   You = Plan B.

When you expect more from yourself, you gradually stop expecting so much from the other person. Thus, reducing the rate at which you get disappointed and keeping you in a healthy state of mind. You switch positions and become the Plan A!

Personally, I’ve stopped expecting pe…

Getting Out Of The Old

Have you ever been confronted with the situation of having so many clothes but whenever you want to go out for special occasions, you just can’t find what to wear?

You find yourself being stuck in one phase of life for like forever and it seems as though everyone grew up and left you behind?

Your peers are quoting scriptures off-hand and unveiling the Bible and you still find it hard memorizing Psalm 23?

Well, one thing is sure, effort makes a difference. It takes mental and even physical effort to get out of some lifestyles and conditions. Putting in effort to make yourself better always pays off. You have to be deliberate as well about being who you want to be in as much as God is deliberate about your life.

Quality! I wish I had this orientation before going off to buy cheap clothes and being fascinated about them. Have quality clothes even if they cost you (of course they will) although in a reasonable way in line with your income.

Personally, I’ve taken the extra step of throwing o…

Reshaping Your Life With Your Words

Well... I came across this really wonderful and thoughtful post on FB and took a screenshot. Decided to share it with everyone because it's an amazing truth that many have overlooked... The power of our words! The words we speak have a direct impact in shaping our thoughts and actions and even our personality. The Bible even takes note of this through passages such as 'as a man thinketh so is he'... Let's speak love and strength and dwell on good things in our thoughts and words. Speak positive words to yourself and to others to encourage yourselves. Look in the mirror and speak of beauty. Look into your pocket and speak of riches. Look into your medical report and speak of health. Look into the eyes of your friends and speak truth and love.Strengthen yourself. Strengthen others!

Give up...?

Uh... I really don't know what to say. I'm sorry I missed out on posting last week. I hope that action will not repeat itself though it's been hard and may even get tougher but I know that with God it's going to be alright!

Last two weeks, I wrote When Prayer was all I Had and that was a really tough one for me because it was unscripted, straight out from my heart. It wasn't the usual research, write and cross-check post like the others... It was me... It was me trying to get across as simply as I could and also trying to reach out to someone out there who's going through difficult times to pray through it.

I hope it helped because prayer really worked for me and it will continue to work for each and every one of us who just comes out as they are and speaks with God, our Father, and seeks His help.

When I began a personal study of the Bible, I began to see that truly, there's no one that God used to do great things and even the little things that didn'…