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'One Chance'

‘One Chance’: (Nigerian slang) usually associated with public means of transportation whereby the passengers become victims used for rituals.
As for me, ‘I for don enter one chance!’
… I just had to go and get my phone which I had forgotten in my dad’s car from my mom cuz I was travelling the next day from my brother’s place. Being in a hurry, I was glad to get into a car (a small private vehicle used for transportation) quickly.
Shortly after I got in, one of the passengers told the driver to stop and to get his bags from the boot/trunk. Weirdly (cuz it never happens), the driver asked him of the contents of the bag to which the man replied that it contained the baby clothes he was selling.
Immediately, the driver said that he was taking him to the police station because he was lying. To cut the long story short, the man ‘confessed’ that it was actually some money he had stolen from his Lebanese boss (about $1million) who owed him for 8years.

 He agreed to give everyone in the car (4 peop…

More (A Poem)

So she took her pen and she wrote,
Of things past, of things so old, Of things to last, of things untold, Out of her yearning soul, She wrote of her needs, her poor old soul, More and more, Just some more!
So she took her heart and she spilled it out, Of things locked up, of things hidden, Of things burning inside, of things forbidden, Or were they now? The truth has to be told, No more for vanity shall we let ourselves be sold, For the selfish needs of man crying, Just some more!

Then she opened her eyes and took it all in, The marvellous truth so cleverly hidden, To see it all but in a new light, To see that her life was all a fight, For her life she so held on to, To her saviour so, she holds it out to, For now she cries to give herself out, More and more, Just some more!

Truth: I Can't Give What I Don't Have

The truth is...
I can't give what I don't have.

I've always been trying so hard to put up something 'WOW' on the blog, you know, and most times, I end up wearing myself out because I try to put up three posts weekly and yet I have so little to offer that it doesn't go round.

Honestly, I just want to write to inspire people, to encourage someone, to make someone see that there's more to you, to deliver someone out of a depressing or a bad day... I want to glorify God and help my neighbour...

I don't want to just be 'all talk' (if you know what I mean).

I do know that God has been exposing me to a lot of truth and it wasn't so easy for me. I lost the flair to write. I even lost focus of my purpose and fell into a deep well of depression. I tried so hard to please everyone else, always running to people first for advice rather than to seek God first.

I was bone weary!

I finally got to realize that this is God's work. I can't do everythin…