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Love 'em Up

While walking down to the prayer spot, Ozi wondered how I could be so nonchalant about the sad news she’d just shared with me.
Although I was in enough physical pain, I felt really bad and uncomfortable but I just didn't feel like showing it was going to change the fact that our tight sister had just left ‘the fold’. But a part of me just wanted to let her be…
The prayer session that night was quite unusual. The sister who led the prayers began to tell us of God’s love and that it was a time for us to thank Him and talk to Him… like a one-on-one love kinda talk.
I felt really awful about my behavior when I heard it clearly from God to ‘Love them up’.
Yes, I know, every one of us is going through our processes in life and God has promised to be there each step of the way. But there are times when you feel like you’re stuck and you really need help like crazy.
Prayer sessions begin in your head and you’re not sure who to ask sometimes because you feel like God isn't saying anything a…