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In 2017

When I stepped into the year 2017, I felt a burst of energy and life. The year 2016 ended on quite a sad note for me but I could definitely feel the newness and greatness of this year on the Crossover Night at exactly 12 midnight.
It was like breaking through a barrier…
Immediately, I perceived that this year held so much in store and I just couldn’t afford to let it slip away. So, I knew I had to be very careful and intentional about this year…  I began writing down my plans and asking God for direction.
I didn’t really get any ‘Word’ until I started reading the book of Genesis and at another time when my friend was telling me about the prophecies she heard for 2017 (of hardship, deaths but a special covering for God’s children) during the 2016 Crossover night and other events.
Two words I received from God for this year on a personal note: Firstly, this is a year of relief (Genesis 5:29). Secondly, this is a year of distinction between those who love God and serve Him and those who do …