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When Prayer Was All I Had

It was all I could do...
It wasn't as easy as it may seem to you but it was all I had and all I could do at the moment.
Just staring at my parents praying for my brother to be healed... all I could do was pray.

Things haven't been so wonderful for me and my family for a while now but we live through each day with faith and hope for better days ahead. The economy isn't so favourable, school (University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus) is on strike and that has the dangerous implication of having final year law students, including my brother, forfeiting their chance at law school this year... Sometimes it all makes me feel so lost, useless, weak and alone.

In the heat of all the family issues, I just went to church on Sunday expecting to drop dead. I couldn't hold back the tears when the pastor preached and said 'Don't panic, only believe'. I took that word and went to God in prayer the  next morning during my quiet time... Oh boy! I can bet you it wasn't easy.


A Trailblazer’s Survival Kit (2)


What will you do when ‘casala’ bursts?

How would you handle being stranded alone in enemy territory?

These were the questions we were tackling last week in the first edition of this series. We established that as a believing trailblazer, the first tool in your survival kit should be Confidence in God; don’t panic, only believe!

Now, this week, we’re going to be moving on to the second tool which is indeed extremely necessary for you to have at all times in crisis and that is…

What is Faith? (Hebrews 11:1) It’s believing in God and His ability to do all things for you! That’s simple enough, isn’t it?

When you’re in trouble, a whole lot of things are going to be running through your head and the most dominant feeling at that time would be FEAR. But it also means ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. Take note of the word ‘False’. That means it’s fake and needs to be countered with what is true!

So we’ve got to find the exact opposite of false/fake which …

Becoming Like Jesus: A Man of Prayer

"I have set you an example so that you should do as I have done for you. Truly, truly, I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. If you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." (John 13:15-17)

Becoming like Jesus… Isn’t that the purpose of being a Christian? Being Christ-like? Accepting the life that Jesus gives and doing away with the old life of sin… Now, even that whole process or transaction was done through PRAYER!
As a Christian, prayer is an utmost task. We’ve got to be constantly communicating with our Father in Heaven; thanking Him, worshipping Him, crying out to Him in times of distress, asking for direction, seeking His help and every other thing.
This was exactly the example Christ set for us to follow while He was here on Earth. He never took the job of praying lightly. Before He did anything (as everything He came to do and did was serious), He always went on his knees praying. He always …


 God is faithful by whom we are called unto the fellowship of his son Jesus Christ our Lord. (1corinthians 1:9)
And truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his son, Jesus Christ. (1 john1:3b)

The grace of our lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion (fellowship) of the Holy Ghost be with you all. Amen (2 Corinthians 13:14)

If you look closely, you will notice that the three verses all have the word "fellowship"
Fellowship means association, communion, intimacy and day to day communication and participation. In biblical terms partnership, association, communion and intimacy.

This is a word that unconsciously plays out in our day to day lives. Without fellowship, you can’t know the personality of someone or a group of people. It takes constant fellowship, day to day communication and association to really tell intimately of something or someone.

This also applies to our individual lives, fellowship leads to the bonds of our friendship getting stronger. In …

The First Tool in a Trailblazer's Survival Kit

A trailblazer is one who sets a standard in his/her field. A born-again Spirit-filled member of the cocoon; a game-changer! A young person that wants to leave a Jesus-life phenomenal legacy. However, as a trailblazer, you will certainly find yourself in a crisis situation; alone and stranded in enemy territory; situations that will have every reason to scare you to death, something we refer to as 'casala don burst'! Then, you'll be faced with the question: 
The journey of trailblazer is full of troubles. As a soldier (2 Timothy 2:3-4) stranded in enemy territory, you'll need a survival kit- a package of survival tools packaged to take one through an emergency usually containing food, water, a knife, etc.  The first tool in the survival kit of a trailblazer however is:
CONFIDENCE IN GOD (John 14:1, Isaiah 41:10, Mark 3:3-41)When trouble comes, don't be troubled- it's not living in denial. It's only acknowledging the fact …

What Is In Your Hands?

"Then the LORD your God will prosper you abundantly in all the work of your hand..." (Deuteronomy 30:9)
Most times we are about to do something or start something up but we are held back by fear. Other times we tell ourselves that we have nothing to offer, or we have very little. When you look all around you, there may seem to be every reason to belittle yourself and sit back in the fear of the unknown.

Do you know that you're a very unique creature and there's never and never will be anyone exactly you!? Therefore, no one has what you have unless you give it to them and they may never be able to handle it as well as you. So you see, you are and have something very important!

God will only bless the work of your hands; your efforts. You may think about it but its not until you apply effort that it'll mean anything. 

'As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.'(James 2:26)
However, most people just expect the showers of blessings to…

Are Miracles For Real? (The Sequel)

In an effort to explain even the inexplicable and bring everything under the control and understanding of mankind, man has evolved through a process of acquiring, testing and proving knowledge and coming up theories to explain everything.

It may be called a spontaneous remission or whatever just because the professional doctor cannot understand the workings of God through miracles as He heals the incurable and worst diseases known to mankind. However, man's efforts can never dispute the fact that God still works miracles as He has always done and always will.

A miracle is a lamp of hope in the darkest of nights as it was for Annabel in Miracles From Heaven (a must-watch). Life itself is a miracle that man cannot explain. Every minute and moment of our lives are miracles. It is only when taken away from us that we truly acknowledge its wonder.

 Raised From The Pool

This is a true story of a female teacher in Abuja who had an unexpected turn of events while on an excursion with her s…