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What Do You See? (A Poem)

In an editorial meeting, we were shown a picture (the one above) and were told to air our views on what we saw or felt from the picture. Afterwards, we were told to write on it. Well, here’s what I wrote:
Mara… She stood out for all to see. Her misery, her shame, her isolation, her pain… She had left the village with her husband and two children. Away they went, seeking greener pastures, away from the famine and drought stricken land of Kahi. Her husband had it all but patience. He couldn't wait for better days in Kahi. Tazi saw the forbidden city of Model which flourished as the right place to be. But Mara knew better than to leave home for the Forbidden City. Ten years later and Mara is back home. Her graying hair stands out for all to see. She has lost all she had; her husband, children and property. Alone and depressed, she knows no joy or consolation. As bitter as her name, so is her condition. Call her Jewel no more… Call her Mara for her heart is bitter.

Do Miracles Still Happen?

Most times, we doubt the occurrences of miracles attributing them to the times of old or to some special men of God. However, there are miracles happening around us that we’re not even aware of! (Miracles are meant to be used as tools of evangelism to unbelievers and encouragement to the believers, not for amusement or amazement.)
Here are some testimonies from Church on Sunday, really amazing, that proves that God still works in our midst till today:
1.Saved From The Well
A little 4-year old girl in Abuja was playing with her friend and little sister when her friend pushed her into a nearby, uncovered well in that friend's house. Cries of alarm were sounded and the friend’s mother rushed to seek help when she found out.
On finding a church member, they got a ladder and the man went into the well to rescue the little girl. To his utmost surprise, he found her standing on the surface of the water of the well (which was very deep and had enough water to drown an adult). ‘Body just c…

Christianity: The Sunday Experience

“Happy Sunday! Did you go to church today? Oh lovely! How was service? It was awesome!”
As is custom, most of us Christians get up early on Sunday mornings, get prepared in our ‘Church attire’ and zoom off to service. We have a wonderful time in service and we’re all cheerful and nice to each other.
When we get back, we have lunch and life gradually slip back into our usual grumpy and fast life as soon as Monday shows up! The same cycle repeating itself every week… pretentious, right?
Being a Christian is to be who you are (a new person in Christ). It’s not a double life so you don’t get to switch modes. It’s you living daily with Christ, working hand in hand with Him to become a better person. It’s life! It’s you on Mondays, on Tuesdays, all through the week and back forever.
Jesus Christ was Jesus Christ on a daily basis because it was who He was; how much more we who have chosen to live like Him.
Let it no longer be a normal phenomenon to be a good guy on Sabbath and a bad guy durin…

#God Bless Nigeria #NLNL

‘Things are going to get really bad before they get really good’. (Funmilayo)
This is probably my worst year as a Nigerian in Nigeria. Tomato is as expensive and as scarce as gold. The price of PMS is twice the former. The market has become a place of burden, haggling and cut-throat prices for even the littlest of commodities.
The price of Naira to dollar keeps getting worse as the Naira is now half its former value. As things get more expensive, more people are losing their jobs and even those that still have a job, have no increase in their income whatsoever. 
There is hardly any light and the water supply is not encouraging either. All these problems and yet the people of Nigeria are still living as peacefully as they can notwithstanding the terrorist attacks. We’ve gotten tired of it all and just get on with life one day at a time.
It’s been horrible for us in University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. We’ve been struggling from day to day; facing school stress, no water so we have to buy …

Failing Forward

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13, NIV)
What do you perceive as failure?
Is it in grades of tests or exams? Is it in failing to deliver on the job? Or in disappointing people; not meeting up to expectations?
In life you have to define your standards, principles and values. Your definition of life affects your mindset which in turn affects the way you live.
In everything you do you need to have a positive mindset. When you succeed at a task, you’ll get rewarded but how about when you don’t?
There is a major difference between experiencing a failure and being a failure. ‘You’re the same person after your loss as you were before your loss. It’s the strength of your character that enables us to get up and keep moving forward when we’ve failed’. (Rob Hearns, Author of Winning Smart after Losing Big)
Hardships and failure teach you to ask for strength from God. It unveils the inner man and builds him up.  This is when you’ll truly have to stand the test of t…

His Love: A Way Out

God’s love is really an amazing concept. No matter how many times you look at it, you just keep learning something new and getting more and more astounded.
God’s love is life! Out of love, He created all things, died for us and lives for us.
It may seem as though His original plan for man failed in the Garden of Eden… but wait a minute! Does God ever fail?!
When He drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden, He actually did it out of love! Strange right?
In removing mankind from the Garden of Eden and placing guards at the tree of life, God didn’t just punish man for his disobedience, God also prevented man from being further deceived by the serpent (Satan) into eating of the fruit of the tree of life and gaining immortality in sin; an irredeemable sinful man.

God’s love may seem unreasonable a times as we fail to see that in the pain was a plan; a plan for redemption through salvation by the death of Jesus Christ.

Is It Right To Ignore People While Praying?

Have you ever been faced with this situation where someone is talking to you and you’re praying and you just don’t know what to do? Ignore the person, make a prayer sign or pause the prayer to answer him/her?

I’ve been faced with this question and it was kind of hard to answer at first because of the nature of the prayer, the person intruding and the place/position you’re in. Most of all, we are to be led by the Spirit and wisdom is also profitable to direct.

Looking at the nature of the prayer, you might just be saying a short prayer within yourself on the go, having your quiet time on your knees in your room, communal prayers and so many more. When you’re on the go, there’s no real reason to actually ignore the person. Quickly answer and get back in tune.

However, in the case of communal/group prayers or in your quiet time, it now lies on the other person to understand and respect your activity by giving you some time. If the person fails to realize that you’re having your quiet ti…

The World-Class Christian

Hmm… Sounds strange right?

In the world… not of the world… yet a world-class Christian???

It’s actually possible! And if I may say, the will of God for each and every one of His own; that we all become world-class sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God.

Let’s take a look at Daniel in the Bible. He was a righteous youth and served God faithfully. He refused to bow down to any other god and was tossed into a hot burning furnace yet suffered no harm. However, he didn’t just stop at that spiritual level; he also expressed the same outstanding nature in his skill and profession.

He was revered by the king and his counsel was sought before any major decision was to take effect by the king. HE lasted in office for more than one regime, even when a new king wanted to remove him, the king was warned by his mother to desist from such. This was due to the value not only placed on Daniel but also in the value Daniel had placed on his life.

As a Christian, you’re extremely valuable! In anything…

The Bible: By God or by man?

Did God Almighty actually drop the book from Heaven and leave the command to have it spread globally?

 Was it a man or men who wrote it down?

How did such a book with piercing words even come to be?

 Is it even real?

This is a question that has plagued mankind and may still bother so many others over time. This controversy has even led to some people abandoning their faith in Christ as they cannot come to a conclusion as to who wrote the Bible… the God we serve or the men that served? Or even scammers??

However, one thing is assured to us: all the answers we’ll ever need in life are in the Holy Bible. Even the answer to this worldwide controversial question is contained in the Bible. Here it goes:

All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is God’s way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do.(2 Timothy 3:…