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“He’s A Principled Moralist” She Said

“That lecturer (name withheld) can be strict but his own is too much abeg.” I said.
“Are you sure he’s even a Christian, though I think he goes to church ooh.” Amy asked.
“I don’t feel he is because of the way he talks sometimes about Christians like he’s mocking us… He’s just a principled moralist!” Ada answered in a serious tone (although she can be unserious and joke around for Africa).
We laughed about it but I began to wonder, was he really a Christian or, as Ada had said, a principled moralist…
Oh well, I have him as a lecturer; teaches very well and never misses a class (except in rare cases… just once actually). He’s very strict with the school policy of 75% minimum attendance to classes to qualify for his exams and doesn’t really listen to any excuses.
 If you like, be getting married or be in the hospital on his exam day or use that as an excuse for not meeting up with the attendance… my brother, my sister, you’re on a very long thing oh!
Many times however, people view Christiani…


(Romans 8:31-39)
I mean, its Sunday service and everyone is worshiping God, singing and praying in tears and joy… and it seems like I’m the only one who can’t connect!
I and only I know why. It scares me. It haunts me. I shouldn’t have but I did it. Worst of all, I did it on Saturday night!!!
How can I, after committing such a sin on Saturday night, come and feel good about myself and worship God, like they do, on Sunday morning?
Honestly, right now, I just don’t feel like a Christian…
Many of us feel or have felt this way at times, even after praying for forgiveness like a million times and over, so hard your heart ached… That was me... I felt really horrible in service and doubted if God had truly forgiven or even loved me anymore… wondering if, just maybe, He’d gotten tired of me.
But then I heard it loud and clear as I sat in my seat:
“Your distance or time away from sin doesn’t make you any more righteous  than the other person”.
God never gave His salvation or righteousness to us in me…