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The Path To Purpose Discovery#3

Romans 8:28, Proverbs 19:21 Continued from Path to Purpose Discovery#1 and Path to Purpose Discovery#2

Why am I here? What was I born to do? In the previous chapter, I made it known that to know your purpose, you need to know your Creator because He is the best answer to the question.

I also pointed out the fact that God's mind is in His Word. His Word is a guide to knowing His intentions for our lives. In addition to that, I said that everyone on Earth was created for the same purpose, the only difference is our means towards fulfilling purpose and the audience we are called to reach.

Yes, everybody is not called to do the same things in the same way and everybody is not called to everyone. There is VARIETY!

That's why everybody is unique in his or her own way. Different personalities, different drives, different likes and dislikes. It's all in God's plan and that is why we should appreciate the way we are because it's only in that state we can fulfill our purpose…


My cousin once told me 'You this girl! It's like you have a story for everything'. I simply laughed and told him 'Who doesn't?'

It's very true that we all have a story to tell, be it good or bad, there's always a story waiting to be told in the mouths of everyone. I can give a lot of stories about my experience on Earth. It's been a long windy road and trust me, it's never easy.

Is it about friendships, moments gone sour, market stress, school work, pranks on teachers, embarrassing times, bad days, awards or family it! Even the National News! There's always a story lurking in every corner.

But then, of what use is a story that can't be told? Of what use is it to have experiences not worth sharing?

When I thought about these questions and read some books, I came to the conclusion that anything not worth sharing is not worth doing at all. If I can't tell you how I robbed someone or did something else with my self-esteem int…

Stand Out

1 Peter 2:9, 1Corinthians 15:58, Ephesians 6:11 Joshua 1:7-9
Daily, some of us find ourselves confronted with the problem of an identity crisis. We cant really say who we are and what we're here for. This causes a major problem as we may lose our stand and get swayed in our faith.

Gradually, you begin to lose touch with God and see 'no big deal' in doing things that everyone else is doing  even without reason. You begin to get lost in the crowd.

Now that's  a major problem you need to solve! And fast!

As Christ's Ambassadors, we need to take a stand as God's representatives on Earth and not as Earth's citizens. To do this, your identity must be known, recognized, understood and appreciated by you so as to avoid the case of an identity crisis and its consequences.

One sure way to discover yourself is in the Word of God. The Bible is your life manual. Every answer you'll ever need in life is in the Bible. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you can actu…

Happy Birthday Sis!

Permit me, people of God, to use this medium to celebrate a faithful and wonderful woman of God. Today is her birthday and I've been amiss at what to do for her. But while celebrating her in Church today, I felt I should do this.

Nothing is ever too big to give her because she sacrificed what most students would hold dear from God; TIME. She has faithfully kept vigils cleaning God's House and putting it in order for every service. Therefore, I pray her life shall be squeaky clean and rid of all things negative and her steps be ordered in Christ.

As she has been a source of joy, comfort and happiness to those around her and saved lives (like mine.. Thanks for the meal tho!), so shall her joy be everlasting and her peace be sufficient in Christ.

Awesome Birthday Lotachi! I hope you smile when you see this gift. I love you, big sis from another mother! #Success!

The Path to Purpose Discovery#2

Continued from the last part on purpose...The Path to Purpose Discovery#1

Purpose is one of the most sought after things. People need to have a reason for living. Everybody wants to be fulfilled in life. Our purpose for creation gives us this and it is therefore vital that we know exactly what we are doing on Earth.

In the last part I explained that to know your purpose, it is expedient that you know the one that created you. It is in the manual of a product that you get instructions on how to use the product.
To know God is to know His Word. The Word of God exposes us to His purpose for our lives. The word of God is God. The Bible says in the book of John that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word of God is therefore God’s manual for our lives.

The Word of God reveals the mind of God and that is why it can only be understood by divine revelation from the Holy Spirit. Our purpose is clearly stated in God’s Word so it is our job to discove…

The 'Criticality' of Your Salvation

John 14:11, 10:38, Philippians 2:12

"What makes you think you are a Christian?"

It's quite interesting the responses you'll get. For me however, I was born into a Christian family and I thought I was a Christian automatically by virtue of birth. Along the line, I found out that my parents' salvation didn't guarantee mine so I decided to get saved; get Christ for myself (by believing and confessing Christ).

Hmm... Well, there's more to salvation than just accepting Christ. Apostle Paul addresses this in Philippians 2:12 when he talks about working out our salvation with fear and trembling. This means that we are to treasure, uphold and diligently live up to our status in Christ as though it could be snatched away at any time. However, in reality, that's the devil's main objective (John 10:10).

Our salvation is so critical that Jesus our Lord had to die for us Himself, go to hell and resurrect on …

Financial Education

Ten years ago, I wanted to be a computer engineer. Three years later, I said 'No, I want to be a journalist'. Like that was enough, I changed my mind and decided to be an accountant. Now, I'm working towards being a professional accountant wondering what I truly want to be. But I continued because I'm interested in it and was told to just get the degree and leave the rest because things are not as they were or possibly use it as a platform.

Nowadays, it's actually playing out isn't it? Nowadays, engineers are becoming bankers, lawyers are becoming secretaries and even doctors are becoming artists. So I can tell myself 'Hey! I can be anything right?!' Then I'd carry myself and start working anywhere and within some three or four years, I'll be a big shot... WRONG!

For some very few, fortunate and blessed individuals, it may have worked out but it's right that you acquire financial education too. Just as you acquired the standard (Nigerian) 6-3…

One for All, All for One

‘Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno’.

‘One for all, all for one’. It entails one member acting for the benefit of the group and the group acting for the benefit of the individual. This concept does not pertain only to The Three Musketeers but extends to all organizations including Christianity.

When Christ came down to suffer and die for the salvation of all men, He didn’t do it out of regret or murmuring. He didn’t do it for a specific set of people or a specific time frame for the world after which He’ll lock the gates of Heaven. HE DID IT ONCE, FOR ALL.

Jesus Christ’s only crime was LOVE. He loved us so dearly that He became the lamb that would be led to the slaughter. He loved so badly, He died for what He loved (John 3:16).

But it’s so disheartening to see the person you love so much act as though they never knew you or like my brother would say ‘not give a rat’s eye about you’. Even when the person knows you, they don’t live up to one …

Dear Diary

Why keep a notebook and update it during lectures or church meetings when you have a super brain with a million brain cells capable of storing a huge amount of information? Better still, why all that when you haven’t even used up to 10% of its capacity!?

Even in recent times, some people see it as ‘girly’ or quite immature to keep a diary of their life events. However, with time, these diaries become really handy and help us remember a lot which we would’ve forgotten in a really short while.

Once in church, I met a boy who didn’t see it necessary to take notes or have a jotter because he ‘had it all in his head’. For how long, if I may ask???

When we hear something, it’s registered in our memory. When we see it, it’s registered even harder in our memory. And when we write it down, it’s now registered both internally and externally. So you can imagine that! An event has been registered three times in your memory. It then becomes almost impossible to forget and even if you do, you can be r…

Our Past, His Future

Every one of us has a past. No matter how dull, bright, regretful, or miserable it is, it’s still your past. The problem however is that in as much as we have so much potential in us and a bright future ahead, most people still tend to focus on their past.

Moreover, the devil loves this and capitalizes on it; the weakness of a man dwelling in his past. He never has your best interest at heart and will always try to steal your joy and hope of a bright future in Christ.

Even though all these persist, we are to remind ourselves of the fact that in Christ all things are made new and all our past sins have been cast away (2Cor 5:17, 1John 1:9)

When the Bible said that he who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is unfit for God’s work, what did you take that verse to mean?

For one thing is certain, whenever you start your walk with God, there is no past. Don’t look back and remind yourself of your past life and sins. For all things are made new in Him and we are therefore new creatures.

The Path to Purpose Discovery#1

Purpose, a word every adult on Earth has come across. “What on Earth am I here for?” A question everyone has asked, directly or indirectly. The truth is that every man wants to know that they are of worth, that they are needed and contribute to life. This is why man, consciously or unconsciously hungers to know how best he can contribute here on Earth.
The truth once again is that every man is of worth, is needed and has something to contribute on Earth. Every man was created for something, to do something and it is solely the responsibility of every man to find out why they exist.
Take for instance, Toyota produces cars to solve the problem of transportation, Samsung produces phones to solve the issue of communication. Seeing a phone or a car for the first time, it’s natural to ask its use and who would be the best person to answer such a question? THE PRODUCERS! In the same way, the best person to answer the question of our use on Earth is our manufacturer and who is that? It’s God! G…

The Big Bang

Most people of today are like the big bang theory. Just as it was proposed that there was a big bang and the Earth and everything came into form, that’s how they want things in haste. Most people want to be excellent in spirituality, character, skill and finance so fast like its all part of the ‘big bang’. They feel things should come in an instant without delay. This factor has now affected Christians as some want to be the ‘next big thing’ in a month’s time. They want to takeover nations for Christ, develop the fruits of the Holy Spirit, be like Christ and do great exploits all in one year. They’ve forgotten that Rome wasn’t built in one day, that fruits keep on developing throughout the lifetime of a tree, that Christ underwent a period of wait and that practice makes perfect. They however get frustrated when they don’t see sufficient results within that time frame and begin looking for an alternative solution. -God cannot work with a man He has not worked on- It took Jesus Christ 30ye…

Its That Time of The Year

Well, it’s about that time of the year again when all the New Year resolutions are gradually fading away from our memories.
Most people still have it at the back of their minds yet seem to lose grasp of it as soon as they step out into the streets and begin living their normal lives. Some may have even totally forgotten about it and have unconsciously slipped back into their old lives. However, a few others may still be praying hard over it and are living up it.
As we continue in 2016, let’s remember that it’s all about our decision to change. This is what God is going to back up with sufficient grace and strength.
Let our New Year resolutions be alive to see us through the year and transform us. Amen!

Testimony Time

Back then as kids in Sunday school, whenever it was time to testify, our teacher would say ‘Tesimony time’ and we’d all chorus ‘time time’. After which we’d all struggle for first in line to testify of how God kept us and our families throughout the week.
As years went by and we moved into the adult church, things began to change. Whenever the pastor would call out for testimonies, there would be no ‘time time’ response and we’d all stay put in our seats feeling indifferent about testifying.
Finally, some people would come out after much prodding by the pastor who’d emphasize on the need to testify about God’s goodness in our lives. This got me thinking: why would provisions be made for testimonies if they weren’t necessary? Or is there something we’re missing out on?
TESTIMONY TIME is a time to spread the news of God’s love and goodness in our lives. It’s a time to witness to others and at the same time, to give thanks to the Lord and enable others to do the same either for you or for t…

Is It All About The Beats???

I’m the kind of person who loves the beats of most songs especially the Nigerian songs. In fact, I’m mostly attracted to the beats before I actually get to take note of the lyrics. But over time, I’ve come to see that no matter how intoxicating and harmless the beats may seem to be. You can never separate it from the toxic lyrics which end up polluting the minds of most people. Most of these songs don’t make any sense as they always centre on women, alcohol, and sexual immorality. They make waves as they are played in almost every club, home and gatherings. Worst of all are the videos. It got so bad I vowed at a time to stop watching music videos. All these pollute the minds of our people. No matter how tough you may seem, you can’t stop the flow of the lyrics into your system. It has a way of replaying in your mind whenever you try to think. As people of God who wish/choose to operate on a higher realm with God, we cannot keep on having such contaminations in our possession. We are to le…

Healing Words