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Appreciating Your Sexuality

Psalm 139: 13-14, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Genesis 1:27
               Take a close look at every homosexual or transgender or any person who deviates from the standard level of relationship i.e. man and woman. You'll see a trace of confusion and the failure of understanding and appreciating their sexuality.   
                They feel that their new decision to deviate is right and have become what they were 'meant' to be or have 'completed' God's work of creation in them.
                This begs the question: Is God a liar? Is He now at a crossroad in the process of creation even after eternity of creating you or the usual '9 months' (Jeremiah 1:5)?!
                You have been made the way you are to fulfill a unique purpose! No one can be you or fulfill your own purpose but you. Just like my teacher asked: If you always want to be like someone else then who'll be you?
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." (Oscar Wilde)

Investing In Yourself

Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 4:7
"Investing in yourself is the best kind of investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you," (Robin S. Sharma)                 At a point in time it was a common occurrence to see Nigerian graduates who couldn't spell their names or answer specific questions expected of them and even women who couldn't do any domestic chores and so many other funny things.
                These were actually things expected of them to have learnt well over time coupled with the acquisition of skill and knowledge. The worst part is that they're sometimes ignorant of their shortcomings and don't want to accept such flaws and do something about it to improve their situation.
                However, we are to take hold of every opportunity to improve ourselves and make the most of whatever we have or wherever we find ourselves in. We invest in ourselves or our futures when we make…

Birds of a Feather

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best" (Epictetus)                The talk of friendship and choosing your circle of friends wisely has been existent in most success seminars (spiritual or relationship wise) and most of us just jot it down but never act it out or develop an action plan.
                However, I decided at a time to follow the instructions by listing out the people in my life, their impacts and personalities. From there, I had to select those who could be of positive influence or impact to me for my future. I also had to list out those potential people I needed to get closer to and those I could also influence positively.
                This order brought about a sense of realization that I couldn't be everywhere with everyone. This was accompanied by a sense of distinction that I needed to separate myself from certain kinds of people (or at least relate from a distance).

Happy Feet

Ask yourself this question:
Do I make people happy wherever I go or whenever I go?
As a junior student in the boarding school, there was always this joy in ‘gisting’ with my classmates. But there’d be dead silence as soon as a ‘wicked’ senior student stepped into the room. That’s how it is everywhere! There’s always this person that just sucks out the life anywhere he/she steps into.
However, there are still those who just ‘turn on the lights’ wherever they step into. You just can’t be sad when you’re around such people. For example, my teacher shared a story of how they were mourning the loss of a church worker in his home. Everyone was moody but as soon as the senior pastor stepped in, there was an inexplicable aura of joy that filled the room. She said it was like the lights came on and no one felt like mourning.
As Christians, we have not been given a ministry of sorrow and pain but of reconciliation, a spirit of love, power and of a sound mind. We are not sent to places or people to …

3 Things God Cannot Do

Many times we say there is nothing God cannot do. This line of thinking though wonderful, affects our perspective of a relationship with God and deprives us of the benefits of fully appreciating God’s Love.
 We serve a limitless God but to truly appreciate Him and His plan for our lives, we need to realize that there are certain things God can never do which include:
GOD CANNOT LIE (Numbers 23:19):
When God says a thing, we are to hold on to His Word (The Bible inclusive) and personalize it without any doubt.
Doubt belittles the fullness of the power of God in our lives and hinders us from receiving blessings. We are to be equipped with faith to believe and please Him (Hebrews 11:6).
This attribute is the sole platform of every other thing God cannot do as He has revealed Himself to us through the Word.
GOD CANNOT CHANGE (Malachai 3:6):
God is not ‘Ben 10’ having different forms and tongues. He is neither a backstabber nor a chameleon.
God is who He always has been and will be: LOVE! Time do…

The Given Giver

As Christians, we have not been called to a work of secrecy or enigma; keeping others in the dark about the goodness of the Lord and His plan of salvation for ALL which was carried out on the cross. We are not to keep the gospel of salvation (John 3:16) hidden in our hearts.
We are chosen and set apart to clear the enigma! We have been given the most precious possession ever, the answer to all of man’s needs. And whenever you get a really nice pair of shoes for Christmas, what do you do with it?
Do you hide the shoes and peep at them once in a while? Or do we wear them out but cover them with a black polythene bag?
NO! I for one would wear it and make sure it gets noticed and complimented by everyone and they’d probably want to have one like mine.
That’s the same thing with our Lord Jesus Christ. He doesn’t want us to keep Him to ourselves but to reveal Him to everyone so that they too can desire and enjoy His Love and the life that He gives .
The best way to get Him known to everyon…

If You Can't Beat Them

Proverbs 11:30
Most times, it’s very difficult to get someone to see things from your own perspective. You’re trying to get them to change something about their lifestyle or to embrace a new faith or to just do something new and they’re as stubborn as a donkey!
Not to worry! Everyone goes through this difficulty especially me. I’ve found out that one of the best ways to get someone to reason like you is for you to first reason like them.
To cause a paradigm shift, you have to first go through one. When you view life from their own eyes, you become like them and try to understand them so as to know how best to approach such a person as there are many ways to kill a rat.
You need to harmonize with such a person and condescend to their level just as Christ came down in human form to be just like us to win our souls and make salvation available to all. Remember, just as you’d like everyone to see things your way, that’s how everyone wants you to see things their way.
NOTE: We were called to …

The Entertainment Trend

Philippians 4:7, Proverbs 4:23, James 4:7, Ephesians 5:18-20
While in class, we were discussing the topic: THE ENTERTAINMENT TREND: FASHION, SEX AND MONEY. Although it was in church, our instructor wanted us to be very real and say something about what’s going on in our lives as regards the world of entertainment such as the songs we love listening to, the movies we watch and so on.
One point kind of summed it up: The devil is trying to make bad look good. In other words, bad is becoming the new good.
We all know that most of what we watch and listen to from the social media is wrong but we can’t just get away from it. The songs with their intoxicating beats and toxic lyrics centered around sex, the TV shows patronizing homosexuality, indiscriminate sex all with so much thrill, action and suspense that we can’t turn it off.
We keep on finding ourselves surrounded by all these things and we get so plugged in that after a while it just seems okay to watch some more. And with more time it fe…

Pure Water Life

Psalm 119:9, 2 Corinthians 7:1, 1 Timothy 4:12
Doesn’t it strike you how people change so drastically? Most times we have a friend who’s away for a while probably to school elsewhere and when he or she is back, we see a TOTALLY different person.
It’s happened to me a lot of times as some of my friends and I re-unite after a long while apart. It’s like we’re worlds apart as they’ve been reformed with some weird habits and attitude which makes it really hard to figure out things.
A drama in my church also portrayed this situation. It showcased a ‘good-girl-gone-bad’ who went to study abroad and returned to Nigeria transformed from a godly Christian to a lesbian drug addict. She had no care for her religious affairs and did as she pleased. She finally got what she asked for when she faced a near-death situation after taking excessive amounts of a particular drug from her lesbian partner.
What Am I Trying To Say???
          As Christians, we are to impact our environment positively and not be…

Dancing In The Rain!

I’ve been going through A LOT for a long while now. Sometimes, things get really tough and I feel like just giving up, like I’m being cheated or that life’s not worth all the hassle.
But when I go through the Bible and reflect on God’s Word concerning my situation and this present time (James 1:2-4, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Isaiah 43:2), I get comforted, encouraged and my hope is reinforced especially when I witness the hardship people are going through in other parts of the world (such as the migrants, displaced, physically challenged or those in war-torn areas). I get to see that I have every cause to thankful to God.
And even after all is said and done, I realize that I’ve become a better me because there’s always strength that comes and a lesson to learn from every experience... I’ve learnt how to save in times of bumper harvests and in ‘droughts’, to know when to say NO after suffering from saying YES the first time…

There’s always something to be thankful for and a lesson to be learned. S…


(I think the answer to that question Jesus asked in Matthew 7:9 are the cheapskates)
My brother actually told me about the TV show ‘Cheapskates’ but I couldn’t believe it until I checked it out for myself.
Funny as it sounds that some people would intentionally live as miserly as using candles instead of their light bulbs or turning off the TV during the commercials while timing it so as to lessen the bills, some of us actually do similar things though in different and probably in more subtle forms.
An example of such was written by Kenneth Hagin in his book, The Believer’s Authority. It cited the story of a poor beggar who died out of malnutrition in a shaggy apartment but it was later discovered that he had a belt around his waist containing thousands of US Dollars. Even I for one would usually reduce my handwriting on purpose to save some space...
No wonder the Bible says ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. A lot of people live miserly as though there is no other hope of get…

Stars on Earth

Have you ever taken out time to watch those twinkle little stars or think of how special they are as they light up the night? Well, I’m glad I actually did (though it took a while).
They’re actually great balls of gases and other galaxies out there in space. The most common is the Sun and we’re all aware of its indispensable functions.
Now imagine having stars on Earth! Great big balls of gases walking with us on Earth! Quite dangerous, isn’t it?
But after watching the spectacular Indian movie ‘Like Stars on Earth’, I had to agree that for a fact there are ‘stars’ on Earth. They’re the little kids with their great bubbling smiles and bright ideas. Even the great minds of history like Einstein, Darwin, and Galileo… all started out as kids.
Nurtured and given the right tools, every single child can break the boundaries of their disabilities and perform greatly beyond expectations. However, their disabilities and limits can hardly be surmounted in harsh conditions where no love exists.