“He’s A Principled Moralist” She Said

“That lecturer (name withheld) can be strict but his own is too much abeg.” I said.

“Are you sure he’s even a Christian, though I think he goes to church ooh.” Amy asked.

“I don’t feel he is because of the way he talks sometimes about Christians like he’s mocking us… He’s just a principled moralist!” Ada answered in a serious tone (although she can be unserious and joke around for Africa).

We laughed about it but I began to wonder, was he really a Christian or, as Ada had said, a principled moralist…

Oh well, I have him as a lecturer; teaches very well and never misses a class (except in rare cases… just once actually). He’s very strict with the school policy of 75% minimum attendance to classes to qualify for his exams and doesn’t really listen to any excuses.

 If you like, be getting married or be in the hospital on his exam day or use that as an excuse for not meeting up with the attendance… my brother, my sister, you’re on a very long thing oh!

Many times however, people view Christianity in the light of morality, consisting of a set of rules for a good life and all that. Actually, they are 2 different concepts. Lemme put it this way:
-It’s applying a never-changing standard (Christianity) to an ever-changing world (morality)-

Based on their foundations, both differ. Christ is the foundation of Christianity; He’s never-changing in His word and love. … And YES, Love is at the very heart of Christianity…  It introduces a new life, a hope for eternity. It’s not about good or bad but about expediency (1 Corinthians 6:12, 10:23)... letting love lead (Jeremiah 31:33-34).

Morality (as I’d like to call it, the good-bad theory), on the other hand, varies depending on the cultural context. It just brings about a set of rules to define what is and is not acceptable in a society or to a person. It’s rapidly evolving as the world is becoming a ‘global village’; a melting point of cultures… 25 years ago’s ‘bad’ is now today’s ‘good/acceptable’.

           Indeed, Christianity is all about love… crazy right? But it’s not the kind the world or the movies portray (the Paloma and Diego ‘When You Were Mine’ kind of love… lol). It’s a God-kind of love (John 3:16)… Love GOD. Love people!

So my dearest dears, if he is indeed a Christian or a principled moralist, I really don’t know. The important question here is:

Who Are You?


  1. Wow this is really nice...short and straight to the point but yet so powerful love d way you ended keep it up.

    1. Thank you very much sir! I'll do my best... God bless you!


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