In 2017

When I stepped into the year 2017, I felt a burst of energy and life. The year 2016 ended on quite a sad note for me but I could definitely feel the newness and greatness of this year on the Crossover Night at exactly 12 midnight.

It was like breaking through a barrier…

Immediately, I perceived that this year held so much in store and I just couldn’t afford to let it slip away. So, I knew I had to be very careful and intentional about this year…  I began writing down my plans and asking God for direction.

I didn’t really get any ‘Word’ until I started reading the book of Genesis and at another time when my friend was telling me about the prophecies she heard for 2017 (of hardship, deaths but a special covering for God’s children) during the 2016 Crossover night and other events.

Two words I received from God for this year on a personal note: Firstly, this is a year of relief (Genesis 5:29). Secondly, this is a year of distinction between those who love God and serve Him and those who do not (Malachi 3:18).

We may have heard, are hearing or will still hear of woes to come in this year but we are to hold on to God and to His Word/promises. This is going to be a very good year to NOT lose your faith in Christ.

As Christ’s coming draws near and evil may multiply in the hearts of men, the truth still remains that the Earth is the LORD’s and it is full of His goodness (Psalms 33:5, Romans 5:20) therefore, we shall not be in despair…

In this year, He’ll carry us on His wings…

In this year, we’re spending from God’s pocket…



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